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来年はどんなアートになるのでしょう?? 今度こそ下の娘と参加したいです。

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グランドセイコー クォーツ

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世田谷・川場 縁組協定 30周年記念事業「縁人-ブログ」

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世田谷・川場 縁組協定 30周年記念事業「縁人-ブログ」

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世田谷・川場 縁組協定 30周年記念事業「縁人-ブログ」

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Read, of course, far from my topic. But still, we can work together. How do you feel about trust management?!…

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世田谷・川場 縁組協定 30周年記念事業「縁人-ブログ」

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世田谷・川場 縁組協定 30周年記念事業「縁人-ブログ」

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世田谷・川場 縁組協定 30周年記念事業「縁人-ブログ」

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钁椼仐銇忔垜銆呫伅灏戙仐骞搞仜銇仐銇︺亶銇? 绲屽彛瑭崇窗銇嚜淇°伄绲岄〒銇ㄣ仐銇﹀姞銇堛仸銇勩仧銇?銇濄倢銇濄倢銈掕銇嗐亾銇ㄣ亴銇с亶銈嬨仧銈併伄浠f浛 銇勩仱銈傛績銇勩仹銇?搴曘伀闂囥倰寰椼仸銇勩倠銇汇亱銇傘仾銇熴伄 涓€鏃ョ洰銇偝銉斻兗銇┍銇с仚 銈兗銈兂銈姐兗宸炪伕銇彲鑳芥€с亴楂樸亜銇?鍚?鍒嗐倰浣滄垚銇椼仧婕忔枟涓娿伀琛ㄧず銇欍倠銇撱仺銈掓焙銈併仧 銈勩倞鐩淬仚銈堛亞銇仚銈嬨仧銈併伀銇欍倠銇撱仺銇с亗銈嶃亞 绱涗簤銇柊銇熴仾銈ㄣ償銈姐兗銉夈倰鎵便亞鎸併仭杈笺伩 鍕囨暍銇偗瀹氥儉銈ゃ儰銉兂銉夈儘銉冦偗銉偣

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once the army had been designing new ejection chair coaches for their jet pilots, I volunteered with regard to ejection chair training duty. In that old times, the actual coaches utilized live charges instead of pneumatically-driven space as well as hydraulic breaks or cracks. I “shrunk" a centimeter or 2 (because of spine disc compression), however later regained my personal complete, macho elevation of 5' 5" a few months later on.<br><br>One much more Extra-Pay Duty tale?<br><br>O.Nited kingdom.<br><br>A research was purchased in order to measure the results of full body armour (Kevlar) in case of crisis egress from the downed heli-copter. I obtained very first dibs on this task simply because...well, mainly because nobody else offered!<br><br>That should've already been a sign.<br><br>Anyway, I strapped into the 9D5 NAWSTP (Naval Aviation Drinking water Survival Training course) helicopter emergency multi-egress/crash simulator.<br><br>The simulation looks like a huge oil drum. The inside “cabin" is one of the size of the actual cabin of the troop transportation helo. It is actually hanging above a little, instruction tank (swimming pool) by heavy, metal cables. When the operator/engineer is prompted, he produces pressure around the helping wires and also the device slams in to the water (as being a actual helo might during an emergency accident landing into the ocean). Then, because all top-heavy helis do, the unit starts to turn upside down.<br><br>I knew/taught all the correct egress procedures.<br><br>I continued to be strapped into the chair.